Testing protocol affects the velocity at VO2max of professional football players

Research paper from Dr. Andrea Riboli on #VO2max in professional #soccer players.

Sixteen semi-professional soccer players performed three maximum incremental tests on treadmill: two continuous protocols [1 km·h⁻¹·min⁻¹ (CP1); and 1 km·h⁻¹ every 2 min (CP2)], and one discontinuous (DP) protocol to determine #Vmax, maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), and oxygen cost of running (i.e., the slope of the #VO2 vs velocity relationship at submaximal exercise).

Vmax was higher in CP1> CP2> DP (19.4 ± 1.7, 17.4 ± 1.2, 16.1 ± 1.1 km·h⁻¹ for CP1, CP2, and DP, respectively; P < 0.05 ES: 0.09 to 3.36). No difference in #VO2max was found between CP1, CP2 and DP (P > 0.05). Oxygen cost of running showed between-protocol differences (CP1> CP2> DP; P < 0.05; ES: 0.28 to 3.30).

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