Ismael Fernández Cuevas

  • PhD in Sport sciences and thermography advisor for elite football teams
  • ThermoHuman

MBA in International Business Administration, International PhD in Sport Sciences (UPM PhD Extraordinary Award) and Co-founder of ThermoHuman start-up (originally called pemaGROUP) (4 awards as Best Business idea). Professional and academic experience in Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Ghana and Australia, in fields such as Physical Activity, Sport, Health, Innovation, R+D, start-up, Event Management, IT, Communication, Marketing, Sales and Business Development.

Since 2011, managing and developing ThermoHuman, a start-up focused on the innovative application of Infrared Thermography to evaluate, monitor and prevent injuries in health and sport sector.
Collaboration as Thermography expert with professional football teams as Newcastle United, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Levante, Villareal, Botafogo, Liverpool, Getafe and German High Performance Center OSP.

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