Paul Bradley

  • Football Science Consultant and Associate Professor (Reader)
  • LJM University

Dr. Paul Bradley is currently a Football Science Consultant and an Associate Professor (Reader) at LJMU. He typically conducts translational work within an elite football setting that bridges the gap between cutting edge research and professional practice (e.g. not just research for research sake but work that adds value to the applied setting). One area he has pioneered recently is the contextualisation of tracking data and he is currently working with many elite organisations in this regard. He is also the author of the unique book ‘Football Decoded’, which was released in 2020.


  • Context is king when interpreting match physical performance

    Football has now moved into the information age, or more precisely an advanced technology age and as such ‘hyper-niche’ knowledge is driving major changes in all areas of the game especially in match analytics.   Context adds a narrative to match analysis data, and if we have a narrative around the numbers this aids translation […]