Sigrid Olthof

  • Sport Scientist and Lecturer in Performance Analysis & Analytics
  • Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

Dr. Sigrid Olthof is a sport scientist and lecturer in Performance Analysis and Analytics at LJMU (UK). Her research focuses on football performance during practices and games. Sigrid has a particular interest to work with sport technology and data in order to research performance. She obtained her PhD degree with her research in Small-Sided Games in Youth Soccer at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). In specific, she investigated team tactical behavior in small-sided games and compared that behavior to the actual match using positional data. Sigrid worked as a postdoctoral researcher and sport scientist at the University of Michigan (USA). There, she analyzed and monitored the player’s load in American football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer (football), lacrosse, and field hockey and integrated data from GPS, heart rate, and other wearable technology into training programs, game reports, and return to play protocols.



  • Team tactical and physical performance in small-sided games

    Small-sided games are intended to replicate (parts of) the official match. Benefits of playing those training formats in practice is that physical, technical, and tactical capacities are simultaneously stressed. Usually, those small-sided games are modified in number of players, pitch size, or other playing rules to meet specific practice outcomes. This presentation will give an […]