About ThermoHuman

ThermoHuman is a pioneer European company from Madrid (Spain) specializing in the application of infrared thermography in sports, health, and research sectors.

Their online software analyses automatically thermal images using computer vision and deep learning algorithms. In seconds they can provide the most complete metrics from more than a hundred body regions (both data and its representation with avatars), helping professionals to better understand human physiology and take decisions to prevent injuriesmonitor them or support the diagnosis of pathologies or injuries.


The process is fast, non-invasive, and allows you to obtain objective data for immediate decision-making:

  • Take a thermal image of the subject
  • Upload the pictures on the ThermoHuman online platform
  • Process the images and visualize the results
  • Set up your own custom report and obtain the data you need
  • Check and discuss the results to arrive at the best decisions
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